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News  >  O MON Thermo-Power Plant Project - Erection of Equipment to be completed Sept. 2008.

O MON Thermo-Power Plant Project - Erection of Equipment to be completed Sept. 2008.

Ngày đăng: 06/05/2011
The total weight of equipment to be erected for this project is 19,500 ton. This is a very big quantity, yet the time for erection of equipment until unit 1 producing electricity scheduled at end 2008 is only about 2 years.

   The pressure of tight schedule is entirely transferred onto the shoulders of LILAMA’s machinery erection workers. However, together with the workforce of other contractors, LILAMA is determined to fulfill the duties at high quality, with absolute safety for equipment and workers. - Vu Trong Hien, chief site representative of LILAMA affirmed. According to Hien, nearly 1 year after the equipment erection started in November last year, a considerable quantity of equipment was erected by LILAMA.

   Of the Substation construction job: site office completed, 99% of the work pertaining to equipment warehouse and stock yard done, 100% of the work pertaining to site fabrication workshop, water and electricity supply facilities completed. …. Especially, on 16 October 2007 the steam equipment (drum) of 17 m in length and 145  ton in weight was successfully erected ahead of schedule at the 43m height under the presence of  the representatives of the project owner – EVN, EPC Contractor – Mitsubishi and LILAMA. This overweight, oversized equipment is a very important equipment considered as the heart of a thermo-power plant.

   Regarding the electrical equipment of the Plant,  Eng. Dang Ba  Cuong, D.DG of Lilama 18 cum D. Chief Representative of Lilama for the O Mon project said: Lilama 18 is responsible for the erection of the complete electrical equipment of the plant, consisting of: 1200 tons of electrical and control panels, 5000m of cable tray, 150,000 conduit, 1450m of cable of different types and 650 tons of transformer equipment. Lilama 18 is also responsible for the erection of oil tanks, fire fighting systems, sulfur treatment, electrostatic precipitator,…and fabrication of 480 tons of circulation piping.

   LILAMA 18 together with other Lilama member companies such as Lilama 45-1, 45-4 and Lisemco… are making best efforts to speed up the work to finish the steel fabrication for equipment  in Nov. 2008, equipment erection before Sept. 2008 in order to complete the whole project beginning 2009.

   As one of the three main plants of  OMON Thermo-Power Generating Center, O Mon 1 Thermo-Power Plant having the capacity of 2 x 300MW, total investment cost of 555 million USD equivalent to 6666 billion VND, of which 85% funded by JBIC under Japanese Government’s ODA loan scheme. Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and Mitsubishi Corporation jointly awarded as Main Contractor. Unit 1 of the plant will be put into operation end 2008 and Unit 2 will generate electricity to the National grid in 2010.

   The plant will produce 3.6 billion KWh a year for the National grid, contributing to the stabilization of the country’s electricity supply and as such helping the social and economic development of Mekong Delta area as well as the whole country.

Source: Nguy Hoang Son.


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