Published date: 04/07/2013

On 25/06/2013, Lilama 18 has been awarded the Certificate of Rgistration for Occupational Health And Safety Management System OHSAS by BSI.

    During many years of development, Lilama 18 always has its steps and methodical planning in each stage of construction work to raise the capability, working  manner to catch up the integrating tendency of the era. For this plan, Lilama 18’s Occupational Health And Safety Management System has just been certified by BSI the OHSAS Certificate 18001:2007. This fact cause Lilama 18 to become one of the pioneer Company in construction & erection field ever awarded the honorable certification by British Standard Institution (BSI).


British Standard Institution (BSI) certify  Lilama 18  to have the Occupational Health and Safety Management System as required by OHSAS 18001: 2007.

    This certification by BSI is an international reputation certificate awarded to organization, companies who meet the standards of OHSAS. The OHSAS Certificate 18001: 2007 asserts the voluntary performance of a system to assure and fully control on safety and health of the labor in the organization besides the mandatory standards.

     It is obviously recognized in the industrial projects, Lilama 18’s employees are normally working in places with high risk in safety such as working in the restricted space, high position, do construction work near or on the water area, material transportation, lifting/ lowering heavy equipment, ionized activity etc… The control of safety & occupational health in the projects with many workers, sometimes up to 1000 workers/project is really difficult and complicated matter but Lilama 18 can do it as required.

     In order to be certified and awarded the certificate OHSAS 18001: 2007 by BSI, Lilama 18 has studied and issued out the Safety & Occupational Health Policy, at the same time to analyse the dangerous factors, making risk assessment, control the risks, perform and maintain the OHSAS objectives. The company has had the whole equipment, machinery, Fire fighting equipment verified by authorities, organized safety training course, regular health examination for the employees. The company  also ask for fulfilling the minimum objective of reaching 200,000 working hours without accident.


Lilama 18’s workers in Mong Duong 2 Thermo Power Project.


    In addition to the above, the company has prepared thoroughly the essential resources to operate the OHSAS system including financial fund, infrastructure, assign clearly the role, responsibility, explainable responsibility to officers and appointed 20 officers to participate in training course to be trained about  internal audit, awareness and interpretation of the system to be conducted directly by BSI’s Expert.

     After 06 months under practical application and 02 stages of strictly audit by BSI, on 25/06/2013 Lilama 18 has been certified & awarded OHSAS Certificate latest version 18001: 2007. It is not easy to maintain the system, BSI will assess one time a year to assure the compliance of the OHSAS system and to be performed strictly & efficiently.

     To be awarded the OHSAS 18001: 2007 is a evidence showing that Lilama 18 has a good working manner, it has been building up a scientific working environment and keeping itself along with the timely tendency. Lilama 18 has a lot of construction experience in many national main projects as well as meeting the high requirements of exporting contracts in various field as: Power – Energy; cement, petroleum, pressure vessel according to ASME standards. Being in cooperation with famous clients in domestic and abroad such as: Doosan, Linde Gas Viet Nam, Hyundai, Technip, JGC, Holcim, Bluescope, Kocks Krane…

    With the awarding of OHSAS Certificate 18001: 2007, Lilama 18 has a belief of being able to meet the strictly requirements from any fastidious Client and satisfy them  not only  for the quality, technique, time schedule but also displaying the difference in working manner of each employee.