1. Company name and address:

    Vietnam name:                     CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN LILAMA 18

    English transaction name:    LILAMA 18 JOINT STOCK COMPANY

    Abbreviated  name:              LILAMA 18 JSC

    Head office: 9-19 Ho Tung Mau, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
    Tel. No.: (84-8) 38 298 490 Fax. : (84-8) 38 210 853
    Email:     info@lilama18.com.vn

    Website: www.lilama18.com.vn

2. Brief Introduction of Company:

   LILAMA 18 JOINT STOCK COMPANY - Formerly named Erection and Construction Company No. 18 is  a state owned Enterprise, member company of Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation (LILAMA CORP). The process of foundation and development are as follows:
- Decision No.: 66/BXD-TCCB, dated 06/04/1977 issued by Ministry Of Construction to establish Erection Enterprise No.8.
- Decision No.: 98/BXD-TCCB dated 21/01/1982  issued by Ministry of Construction to change the name of Erection Enterprise No. 8 into  Combined Erection Enterprises No. 18.
- Decision No.: 005/BXD-TCLD dated 27/01/1993 issued by Ministry of Construction relating to re-foundation  of State owned Enterprise named Combined Erection Enterprises No. 18.
- Decision No.: 05/ BXD-TCLD dated 27/01/1993 issued by Ministry of Construction changing the name of state owned Enterprise “Combined Erection Enterprises No. 18” into “ Erection and Construction Company No.: 18”
- Decision No.: 1450/QĐ-BXD dated 24/10/2006 issued by Ministry of Construction relating to approval of equitization plan to transfer “ Erection and Construction Company No.: 18” to Lilama 18 Joint Stock Company.
- Decision No.: 1673/QĐ-BXD dated 11/12/2006 issued by Ministry of Construction relating to transfer “ Erection and Construction Company No.: 18” to Lilama 18 Joint Stock Company.

  LILAMA 18 JSC has been awarded third Grade Independence Order, labor Orders (I, II, III) by the Government and 12 gold medals for high quality by Vietnam Labor Union of Construction.

* Quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.
* Occupational  Health and Safety management system OSHAS 18001: 2007
* Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME).
3. Organization of the Joint Stock Company:

 (Please refer to the attached Company Organization Chart).

4. Company scope of business:
 Construction of industrial Projects, transmission lines, transformer station, installation of machinery and equipments for various projects. Production and trading of materials, calcium carbide, welding electrodes, oxygen, accessories, metal structures for construction. Production of building materials. Fabrication, manufacturing, installation, repairing of lifting equipment, pressure equipment (pressure tanks, vessels, pipes), mechanical and electrical equipment, non-standard equipment; petroleum oil rig platform, installation and maintenance of elevator.
Trading of material, equipment (mechanical, electrical, heating and refrigerating equipment, building materials, insulation materials) and various technological equipment. Consulting for investment in construction of civil, industrial, transportation projects (bridge, road, harbor, airport). Testing, setting of electrical system, automatic control system, testing of weld joints. Investment in building, trading of infrastructure in urban area and industrial zone. Renting houses, office, trading in real estate. Business in domestic travel, tourist accommodation: hotel (not operating in head office)
(According to business license No.: 4103005862 dated 04/01/2007 issued by Department of Planning and Investment
5. Address of  head office and local subsidiary offices:

 Address: 9 - 19 Ho Tung Mau street, Nguyen Thai Binh ward, district 1, Ho Chi Minh City 
 Tel. No.: 84-8-38298490, 84-8-38217474
 Fax. No.: 84-8-38210853
 Website: www.lilama18.com.vn and www.lilama18.com 

 Email:     info@lilama18.com.vn - syquynh.ktkt@lilama18.com.vn

LILAMA 18-2:
   Address: No. 64, “Kenh Tam Thuoc” Hamlet, Kien Luong Town, Kien Giang Province.
   Tel. No.:  84-77-3853276
   Fax. No.: 84-77-3853830
   Email: lilama182@lilama18.com.vn
LILAMA 18-3:
   Address: No.: 45, 30/4 Street, Ward 9, Vung Tau City
   Tel. No.: 84-64-3838408
   Fax. No.:84-64-3838336
   Email: lilama183@lilama18.com.vn
Steel Structure and Mechanical Equipment Fabrication Factory:
   Address: Tan Lap Hamlet, An Dien Commune, Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province.
   Tel. No.: 84-0650-3554062
   Fax. No.:84-0650-3554061
   Email: factory@lilama18.com.vn
6. Charter Capital and its structure:




Full name

Capital contribution ratio


Share Volume


 Share Value (VND)



State capital representatives










Existing shareholders












7.  Management Board:

     Mr Le Quoc An - Chairman of Management Board Lilama 18 JSC and hold concurrently Deputy General Director LILAMA.
     Mr Ngo Quang Dinh - General Director Lilama 18 JSC.
 8. Working range:
     Domestic & abroad.

 9. Turnover:

    - Year 2016: 1.618.461 million VND.

    - Year 2017: 1.715.464 million VND.

    - Year 2018: 1.947.680 million VND.

* Coming to have business with Lilama 18 JSC, the Customer will have a high pillow, peacefully sleep and heart – warm, sincere feeling while cooperating with our company.